The characters of Game of Thrones: what is the most sexy?

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Game of thrones is a series of very successful and that has come to have a great attraction for the audience. Which is more shows naked bodies on television. The characters of Game of thrones calaron deep into the audience. Among them are Jon Snow. Jaime Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen and Sansa Stark.

Perhaps the characters of Game of thrones, you find irresistible the ambience is medieval and fantastic. The bias markedly erotic, with one of the productions that shows more nudity in tv series, without a doubt broke the mold. Therefore, it is worthwhile to know what characters drenched them more in the public.

Characters of Game of thrones male

You probably have your favorite actors, as there are for all tastes. In the statistics that we have consulted, the absolute winner as the character more sexy than Game of thrones is Jon Snow. It was to be expected, thanks to your hair and to its prominence. In one of them he received 76% of the votes and another received 421 points, well above that of Tyrion Lannister, who occupied one of the places more distant, with 150 points.

Two of the male roles focus the majority support and the second of them is Jaime Lannister. On the other hand, the eyebrows, and beautiful features of the actor Jason Momoa, the more the makeup, costumes and traits of the character Khal Drogo interpreting, led to 385 points.

Characters of Game of thrones female

The girls of the series receive a vote is more dispersed, and several competing for the first place. It may be that the true protagonists are them. We tell you that the winner no doubt is the powerful Daenerys Targaryen. In one of the lists received 1892 votes, and in the other 96 %.

You will be surprised to know that Margaery Tyrell has a score very high, 1866 votes in a list, while in the other it is not taken into account. A character controversial that under the mantle of a beautiful heiress hides determination, inner power and infinite resources to get away with it.

Sansa Stark is another of the heroines committed to the objective of preserving the North. Received a high score with 94 % of the points in a list, and 1444 in the other. Missandei got 1490 and 92 %, no doubt impacted by his features delicate, his gaze direct and his skills. Cersei Lannister, a cold and cautious, that you get a lot with its cunning, has fallen a bit low on our lists; only 32 % and 1269, respectively.

Nudity in tv series

One of the attractions of this series is the large amount of scenes with beautiful naked, both male and female, especially in the early seasons. But it is not unique, since, as you have noticed there are many other productions where they show attractive intimate. Some of the most revealing are The Tudor, Girls, Spartacus: blood and sand, Californication and Orange is the new black.

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