Sexual tendencies in Spain that separate us from the rest of Europe

The best dating sites do you Know what sexual practices or fetishes, like the spaniards? The cuckold-consensual, open relationships or...

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Do you know what sexual practices or fetishes, like the spaniards? The cuckold-consensual, open relationships or the whips are trends or practices in clear boom. You know all the details.

To perform a crawl in the most popular search engines today, you can know the sexual tendencies in Spain and their comparison with the rest of Europe. What are you looking for the spaniards in the network? What are your fantasies? What are the sexual fetish in Europe? In this post, we tell you all the information about it.

Sexual tendencies in Spain

If you have visited a web dating, you might have directly proposed any of these sexual tendencies, which the spaniards follow.

One of these trends is to maintain open relationships. It is not something that has been invented in 2019, but what is certain is that they have broken the taboos, and every time there is a greater visibility of this type of relationships.

But, what do the spaniards in the bed? The BDSM, the sexual practice that consists in the domination or submission, has become a trend this year, along with the kink (sex outside of the conventional), according to a study of a well-known company that sells sex toys.

In addition to the famous dolls or dolls sex, if there is something they want (at least as a fantasy) many spaniards is to feel cuckold consented. In addition, the trios occupy a prominent position among the main trends, as well as anal sex. The spaniards share with argentines and brazilians these tastes.

Differences between Spain and Europe

Although with Portugal and the rest of Latin countries share many trends, what is certain is that if we compare our country with the Old Continent, yes there are differences.

If you want to live the fetish of the cuckold, Italy is the best country for it. And is that half of italians would be willing to share your partner and see how to have sexual intercourse with a third party, according to a study based on searches in Google. Big difference in Spain, since only one of every three spaniards would like to live this fetish.

Stands out, above all, the desire of the romanians to enjoy anal sex: do the half of them is interested! A figure that surprised. In Spain, the interest diminishes to 17 %.

And what happens with the trios? If you want to do one of them, Greece and Ireland are the countries most indicated to give free rein to the passion, since 30 % of citizens in both countries are interested. In this case, the spaniards are not in a bad position: the 28 % want an adventure or three.

Finally, we highlight another of the sexual fetish highlights: the whipping. Germans and danes fantasize with this practice, while the turks (1 %), they have little interest in spanking. The Spanish do not break the media, nor to the upside or to the downside, since they are half of the table: the 15 % you want to the famous spanking.

These are the sexual tendencies in Spain and the rest of european countries. What are you going to put into practice?

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