Phrases a man should never say on a first date

The first appointments saved a lot of potential. Can be the beginning of the end of the dinner alone, hugging...

The first appointments saved a lot of potential. Can be the beginning of the end of the dinner alone, hugging the pillow at night, or think about who to call to accompany you to the event. Therefore, there is a lot of pressure the first time we meet someone.

First impressions are extremely important. Most of us decided in the first five minutes. This includes if we see a future together, if there is a mess of a night or if you need to call a friend to free us from the first appointment.

Men can sin of not being careful in those minutes critical. Before you realize it, may have let slip a phrase with which there is no turning back. It may be that the appointment will be lengthened to the tops, but emotionally, they are already very far away. Not having filters in the first appointment is a great way to stay bachelor for the whole life.

So, if you can’t avoid sabotearte to yourself during the appointments, we are here to help you. Then, the 9 phrases you need to avoid yes or yes during the first appointment.

Do not open the drawer of the former

“My ex was crazy…”

You may think that talking bad about your ex on the first date you earn points with the new conquest. Nothing could be farther from the reality. As much, she will pull their convictions and feminist wonder why you use that term to refer to a former partner; how you treated you to her, and if she will be the next “crazy” that will suffer in your hands. Talk about the exnovias in the first idea is quite questionable. To speak evil of them, definitely, a reason to say no. Leave the past in the past. Unless she asks you directly, don’t talk about your ex until at least the third appointment.

“My ex used to ask that…”

Compare your date with your ex will cause you will removed the desire quickly. Can he even notes how he grabs the phone to give the voice of distress to a friend and you get that horrible first date. Mention how was your partner shows that you still have in mind and that you are not ready to return to dating. It is impossible that a new woman can compete with a perfect memory, and she knows it.

Religion and politics, the better off the table

“Trump is an inspiration to min…”

Everyone knows that discussing politics or religion does not usually end well, so best not to talk about it on the first date. Your political inclinations or religious beliefs have no place when you’re trying to seduce the other person. If your opinions clash, you can already say goodbye to it.

Things family

“You remind Me of my mother…”

Although your mother is the most important woman, and has had a major influence in your life, your new link will not like the comparison to a 50 year old woman. Will make you look like a child’s mother. In addition, your appointment will not cease to think of the degree to which it interferes in your life and if you are going to have to compete with her for your attention to the rest of your existence.

“My family is very rare…”

All families are rare. It is no secret, but try not to desvelarlo during the first appointment. To speak ill of your family, and take the dirty rags is not a good way of that the girl that you have on the side imagine a future dream. Instead of showing how good YOU are (in the end, that is the goal, isn’t it?), what you’re proving is that you do not care about the people around you. In addition, you always have the excuse to tell you not to because your family is too rare.

Treat others as you would have them do to you

“Bring me another beer, already…”

Everyone knows that the way we treat waiters in a restaurant is very revealing. Show you disrespectful, arrogant or pretentious says more about you which of the service or the local. And not only that, it is a glimpse of how you really are. What is more likely is that your date does not like you to ask for a beer in the future. Another important detail, is set in how much you tip, especially on the first date.

Not everything revolves around money…

“In my bank account, I have…”

It doesn’t matter if you finish the sentence with a number is positive or negative, it is not anything attractive to talk about money on the first date. If you talk about how much money you have, you are implying that you think that your date is interested in the money. And that what you’re using to attract it or to reject it. In any case, do not open that door.

I, me, me, me…

“I, I, I, I…”

It may be that the nerves we play a bad pass in the first appointments. For this reason, it is a good idea to prepare some questions so that you don’t spend the evening talking about you. There is nothing more boring than a monologue of someone you just met. Be sure to dedicate time to know the other person, after all, that is the goal. Not going to be very difficult: ask questions and listen to the answers.

Leaves the bed for the last appointment, not for the first

“And… what do you like…?”

Not that it’s a taboo subject. But if what you want is a long relationship, ask the other person their sexual tastes in the first date is a field banned. Although it can be worse and you decide to describe in detail what you like before you know where he spent his childhood, or what the name of your pet. Leaves the intimate conversations for later. But if the appointment has clear dyes sensual, you give the green light for you to talk about your tastes in the first date.

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