We look at the statistics, the most shocking of the first appointments

Find your appointment on the Internet The statistics are most striking in the first dates and break some of the...

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The statistics are most striking in the first dates and break some of the clichés common and, in other cases, the confirm. There are habits very entrenched on this type of meetings and others that are changing with the time.

Next, we review with you some data of the first appointments that will be of interest. Take note of them.

The statistics are more shocking

We refer, basically, to percentages of the first appointments. Expressed in proportions, some customs is like putting practical examples, because that enables us to understand things with greater clarity. In a nutshell, you can make a clear composition of the contexts. In these cases, of those first appointments.

Some data of the first appointments

In the first place, recalls that all the information that we will give in this article have been drawn from surveys that have asked thousands of people from all over the world. Pay attention to what you have to say about the first appointments.

Only four of every ten appointments result in a second, but, yes, the 53 % of them comes to include a kiss. While 28% of these end up in disappointment, the 20 % is paid off with sex.

Most percentages of the first appointments

We move on to a question more materialistic. Who pays for the account? This text already looks a bit the restaurant for First Dates… Around half of the respondents of each gender match on the topic of social that it is man who is responsible for payment. Anyway, little by little it is opening the way for the more modern alternative of paying half of it. It is a suggestion that prevails more among the girls.

And what do you think, in general lines, about the possibility of having sex on the first date? Note that, in this aspect, positions vary according to each gender. While three-quarters of the men they fancy, only a fourth of the women is favorable to this experience in that first meeting. It is a relationship of interest inversely proportional, which may lead, if not you have a little empathy, to certain misunderstandings.

And, if you’re going to have sex on your first appointment, we recommend you to use protection. But one thing is what we advise you is quite another you can be what you make some. While 80% of women have very in account to this council, there is a 30 % of males declare that this is not an issue to give too much relevance.

Finally, the time has come you know what happens when it has passed this first session. Half of the women and men believe that belongs to man the initiative in suggesting a second meeting. But there is another half in favour of the formula more current one based on that is indifferent to who takes the lead to propose the following appointment.

In short, the statistics are more striking always have to do with these things of love, the love that moves the world. It’s part of them!

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