3 myths and 3 truths about the food aphrodisiac

Find love on the Internet What is the relationship between sexuality and food aphrodisiac? How much there is of true...

Find love on the Internet

What relation is there between sexuality and food aphrodisiac? How much there is of true and a lie that eating certain foods makes us more sensitive and powerful instincts and temptations sex? There are myths and truths alike, so let’s discover the main.

The food aphrodisiac we are all interested. To a greater or lesser extent, who has not been worried to ever improve your sexual life and ensure the optimal performance of ies? Also, on occasion, before a romantic date with pretensions of something more, we’ve all tried to design a menu able to stimulate the desire and the sensuality between the diners.

Do you want to know how much there is of truth, and lie, in what is said on the food aphrodisiac? For example, if you after to find a partner by internet the you invited them to dinner at your house, what you can stimulate his carnal appetite at the time to satisfy the other? We delve into it.

Can the food aphrodisiac increase the sexual appetite?

It is a fascinating subject. Because it is not true everything that is said, but also not a lie. The science establishes that there are some dietary components that influence our appetites and sexual behaviors, favoring the erection, erotizan and improve our previous. But there are also a lot of urban legend and myths that made no sense. Chocolate, oysters, strawberries, or cinnamon, for example, are considered to be aphrodisiacs. But are they really?

We are going to show you 3 examples of each. The rest… you’ll need to continue to research you.

3 myths

1. Chocolate and strawberries. Sure have you ever heard of these foods, and more, if you combine them, you feed the sexual desire of an immediate way. What is certain is that it is not true. No scientific study has ever supported their relationship with the hotness of the sexual.

2. Vanilla ice-cream. It is also customary to associate the intake of this delicious and refreshing dessert with the most intense orgasms. I wish it were true! We hincharíamos to take it and would enjoy it to the maximum twice. But no serious investigation has confirmed this fact.

3. Products of the sexual aspect. Carrot, cucumber or banana, by their appearance, phallic, have been associated with effects energizing between consumers of male and stimulants among women. Something similar -in reverse – occurs with oysters, similar to the female reproductive organ. But it is mere visual poetry, there is nothing really… except the suggestion that we can autogenerarnos.

3 truths

1. Garlic. What I never would have thought, right? It is true that the smell can leave us is not the most stimulating sexually, but facilitates the blood circulation and, therefore, stimulates our sexual organs.

2. Watermelon. We can consider it, saving the distances, the viagra fruit. Includes a component called citrulline which is transformed in the amino acid arginine, which relaxes blood vessels and stimulates nitric oxide. That is to say, favors erections.

3. Ginseng, saffron and yohimbine. According to the canadian university of Guelph, are the best natural aphrodisiacs there are. Its effects occur at the physiological level, not the brain.

In the end, if after visiting the mejoressitiosparaligar.com you want to prepare a meal or special dinner, acting with rigor: the food aphrodisiac can help, but not all.

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