Vietnamese Mail Order Brides – All You Need to Know

Are you looking for a loyal and charming woman to date and eventually marry? Consider dating mail order brides.

Meet Charming Vietnamese Mail Order Brides

Vietnamese women are the embodiment and pure beauty and family values. They possess every quality that you might have missed in brides from your country. Read this in-depth review on lonely women from Vietnam if a solid marriage is what you seek in life!

Asian brides always come to the first place of women whom a foreign fiance wants to date. Vietnamese brides for marriage have particular characteristics, they are shy, feminine, and mesmerizingly beautiful. They become excellent lifetime companions, much more family-centered than American ladies. On top of that, there are a few more reasons why you should buy a Vietnamese lady:

  • Local girls friendly, amiable, and gentle;
  • These brides are loyal and caring. They put family interests a number one priority;
  • Vietnam women lead a healthy lifestyle. They don’t drink and smoke;
  • Vietnam babes are honest about their feelings and emotions;
  • Most local brides are not religious. They are open to new things in the world and need a strong man to lead them;
  • Brides from Vietnam are decent.

Where To Find A Vietnamese Bride

The online Asian dating scene is crawling with sites and apps promising to connect you with stunning Vietnamese mail order girlfriend. There are a lot of decent dating services. Some of them are good, some are even better. But how to find a “perfect” service. Does it exist at all? Well, while this is a disputable issue, let’s have a look at sites that fall under the “almost perfect” category. 

Asian Melodies

Short Overview

What makes Asian Melodies a worthy choice? Its vast number of members, precise target audience, and plenty of communication media. It seems like meeting beautiful Vietnamese women on Asian Melodies is just a matter of time and credits. The only fly in the ointment is a history with fake accounts. Nevertheless, if you put a little effort into filtering out your matches, AsianMelodies will become your salvation. Interested? I knew you would be! Sign up on Asian Melodies right now!

Pros of Asian Melodies

  • Obligatory email verification to add to users’ security;
  • A wide selection of features to make contact with Asian singles;
  • View and fill account information are free features;
  • Excellent search engine.

Cons of Asian Melodies

  • No handy app to use the website on the go;
  • A limited choice of free features.


In comparison to other Asian dating sites, Asian Melodies is average in prices:

  • 20 Credits – 2.99 USD
  • 50 Credits – 19.99 USD
  • 125 Credits – 44.99 USD
  • 250 Credits – 69.99 USD


Short Overview

Founded in 2016, Asian Beauty Online is undergoing a rise in popularity. The reason for that is pretty clear: low starting price, the mobile-friendly format of the site, and convenient payment methods including PayPal and credit card. An amiable customer support team, an average age of 25-34, and an evenly distributed gender ratio also, please. Finally, the site’s administration makes everything possible to eliminate scam activity and increase the comfort of online dating. 

Pros of AsianBeautyOnline

  • An around-the-clock customer support service and live chat support available;
  • A huge database of profiles of Vietnamese wives online;
  • Good matching services;
  • An affordable starting price.

Cons of AsianBeautyOnline

  • No access to many features for free users;
  • No separate mobile app.


  • $3.99 – the starting price of 2 credits
  • $15.99 – 2 credits (the following purchase)
  • $96 – 16 credits
  • $399 – 100 credits

Eastern Honeys

Short Overview

Eastern honey bridges the two completely opposite cultures by creating international marriages. It united Western men and Eastern women looking for love. First of all, Eastern Honeys is a convenient website, easy-to-navigate even for newbies. Its credit system is excellent for people who don’t need a monthly membership. You have control over your finances and spend money only on the features you use. Give this agency a try! Maybe your significant other is waiting for you.

Pros of Eastern Honeys

  • Available to everyone regardless of location;
  • Mobile-friendly interface;
  • A variety of communication tools to connect with hot Vietnamese brides;
  • Pleasant design.

Cons of Eastern Honeys

  • No app developed yet;


In comparison to other Vietnamese mail-order brides providers, Eastern Honeys is upper midfield:

20 Credits – 2.99 USD

50 Credits – 9.99 USD

100 Credits – 19.99 USD

Characteristics of Vietnamese Mail Order Brides 

Vietnamese Mail Order Bride is Ready to Compromise

Family life can hardly be imagined without quarrels and conflicts. Even if your partner seems ideal to you now, you can’t always stand on the same level in every topic. Especially if you’re dating a woman from another culture. What matters the most is not the absence of conflicts but your ability to solve them. A Vietnam bride is exactly the kind of woman who is flexible and knows to soften the angles.

Focus on Family

A Vietnamese wife is used to taking care of her husband, kids, and elder family members. These women always keep in touch with parents and if something happens are always willing to help them. When it’s time to meet her family, make sure to treat them exactly like you would treat your own older family members. This is a Vietnamese woman who treasures the concept of family as much as possible.

Vietnamese Girls Are Housewifely

A typical Vietnamese girl for marriage is always happy to take the lead in the household. Taking care of the coziness of your family nest is a prior task of a wife from Vietnam. However, the only aspect of housework she would happily delegate to a man is cooking. Local girlfriends can’t resist a man who knows his way around the kitchen.

Aware of Western Culture

Since Vietnam was a French colony, called French Indochina, its culture was affected a lot by European trends. These women want their husbands to be respective, supportive, and mind the needs of their wives. Vietnam is currently working on promoting gender equality among male and female workers in the country. You may find a Vietnamese bride for sale striving for independence and woman empowerment.


Many Vietnam people are very pure and honest. They tend to speak openly about their interests, concerns, and opinions. When you have something to say, say it straight. When dating Vietnamese women, don’t expect them to read between the lines. They wouldn’t also beat around the bush choosing the right words. Well, you’ll get used to such honesty quite fast.

Why Do Vietnamese Women Like American Men?

The main reason why Vietnamese women looking for marriage prefer foreigners over area men is their taste in men. Americans are believed to possess a range of valuable features that Vietnamese singles want to see in a man. These are the following:

  • Masculinity;
  • Good manners;
  • Financial stability;
  • Bright and interesting interlocutors.

Exotic Beauty Of Vietnamese Women For Marriage

Vietnamese girls for marriage are just stunning. Their beauty is natural. These lovely brides are not used to using much makeup or artificial enhancements. Brides of Vietnam have typically Asian petite and healthy complexions.

The moment you meet Vietnamese girl, you will be captivated by her pretty face, tiny stature, and clear light skin. She looks awesome with the wind in her hair or shining rays between the locks. A Vietnamese woman is a perfect example of hot and beautiful.

How To Impress Pretty Vietnamese Girls

A strategy that a Vietnamese wife finder should follow is greatly defined by what Vietnamese women seek in a man. So here are a few basic tips on dating Vietnamese women for sale.

Be Masculine

A Vietnam bride wants you to choose where to go on the first date. And on the second and third dates either. Most local girls see a man as only one leader in relationships. Show your masculine nature and willingness to take responsibility. A Vietnamese mail order wife would want to know you can provide for her while she’s on her maternity leave.

Be Generous on Gifts

Is there a man who wouldn’t want to pamper a girl he loves? Yes, feelings can’t be measured with gifts but generosity can. Vietnamese brides want to live with a man who wouldn’t count every cent he spends on his woman. They would appreciate it if you pop to a florist on your way to a date or order delivery in advance. All in all, Vietnam has many holidays when your girl will expect a small gift from you.

Talk to Her

Vietnamese are bright and talkative people. That’s why they prefer open people to silent ones. Local girls love to have meaningful conversations with their baes. This is how they establish a special bond inside a couple. Don’t be timid to share a few interesting facts about your life and your opinions on some topics. This is how you show “I care about us”.

Show Respect

When you manage to find a Vietnamese girl, learn not only to respect her but also her parents, brothers, and sisters. Family is a number one priority for these lovely ladies. Girls from Vietnam love to hear the warmth in your voice when you’re talking about your family. This is because they understand that you know the value of family. 

Don’t Talk About Your Ex

For a Vietnamese mail order wife it doesn’t matter how many romantic partners you had in the past. The most important thing is your willingness to devote your whole self to a new commitment. A local girl needs a man who’d be physically and mentally with her. However, it doesn’t mean she’d be delighted to hear about the delicious pie your ex used to cook.

Why Vietnamese Brides Make Better Wives Than Brazilian Brides

If you’re considering marrying a foreign bride, you may be wondering which nationality makes the best wife. Though there are many beautiful women from all over the world, Vietnamese brides tend to have all the qualities that most men want in a wife. Here are just a few of the reasons why Vietnamese women make better wives than Brazilian women.

Vietnamese Women Are More Traditional

In recent years, there has been a trend among Western men toward marrying Asian women. One of the primary reasons for this is that Asian women tend to be more traditional than their Western counterparts. They place a higher value on marriage and family, and they are more likely to stay in good shape and take care of their looks throughout their lives. Brazilian women, on the other hand, are more likely to pursue careers and to challenge traditional gender roles by doing things like working outside the home and being less interested in taking care of their families.

brazilian bride

Vietnamese Women Are Less Materialistic

Another reason that Vietnamese women make better wives than Brazilian women is that they are less materialistic. In general, Asian women have more modest expectations for marriage than do Western women. They are not as concerned with having a big wedding or living in a luxurious house; they just want to be able to provide for their families and have a stable life together. Brazilian women, on the other hand, often have very high expectations for marriage and can be disappointed if their husbands cannot provide them with everything they want.

Vietnamese Women Are More Loyal

Finally, Vietnamese women tend to be more loyal than Brazilian brides. In general, Asian women are raised with strong values regarding family and loyalty. They understand that marriage is for life and that it is important to stick by their husbands through good times and bad times. Brazilian women may also be loyal to their husbands, but they are more likely to put their careers or other interests first if it means leaving their husbands behind.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Loyal Are Vietnamese Brides?

Vietnam brides were brought up with a great sense of family ties. These women are not used to giving up on marriage when there are troubles in paradise. Local mail order girlfriend will be your constant support no matter what happens. She will defend you even when the entire world is against you. Cheating is also unacceptable for them. If a Vietnamese single woman said “yes”, she’s ready to share her entire life with a man no matter what.

Why Are Vietnamese Women So Beautiful?

Vietnam women are so beautiful because they possess the “classic” Asian charm. Their tiny complexions, porcelain skin, and black thick hair make them look like beautiful dolls. Let’s also not forget about the two more things adding to a female’s attractiveness. First, is a great deal of self-care and moderate make-up. Second, a positive attitude to the world and people around. Well, no wonder why a foreign Vietnamese girl is a real beauty queen.

Where To Get Vietnamese Brides?

Fortunately, traveling to Vietnam is not the only way to meet your love. Lucky you if your extraverted nature and financial situation let you book tickets and rent accommodation abroad. But what are the other places to meet local women looking for American men? Dating sites can help you in it! Choose an Asian-focused matrimonial service and mind some basic safety tips for an exciting dating experience!